Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tose Proeski - Guilty (official video)

One of the best songs by Tose Proeski released post-mortem. This song was part of the album "The Hardest Thing".

Toše Proeski (Macedonian: Тоше Проески), born January 25, 1981 (Prilep) – died October 16, 2007 (Nova Gradiška), was a Macedonian multi-genre singer, songwriter and composer. 

He was popular across the entire Balkan and further north, and locally he was considered a top act of the Macedonian music scene. 

Proeski was known for his strong vocal performances and trademark quote "Ve sakam site" (I Love You All). He died in a car crash in Croatia on October 16, 2007. He was baried in his home town of Krusevo

The government organized an official state funeral for Proeski, which was held October 17, 2007, including military honour ceremonies by the Honor Guard Unit of the Macedonian army, such as a honor guard, a military orchestra and a honorary rifle salute.

 - Nekade Vo Nokta(Macedonian language) (1999)
 - Sinot Božji (Macedonian language)(2000)
 - Ako Me Pogledneš Vo Oči (Macedonian language version) /Ako Me Pogledaš U Oči (Serbian language version) (2002)
 - Den Za Nas (Macedonian language version) /Dan Za Nas (Serbian language version) (2004)
 - Po tebe (Macedonian language version)/Pratim Te (Serbian language version) (2005)
 - Božilak (Traditional Macedonian folk songs) (2006)
 - Igri bez granici (Macedonian language version) /Igra Bez Granica (Croatian language version) (2007)
 - The Hardest Thing (2009) [post mortem] (English version)
 - Tose i prijatelji (album) (2010) [post mortem][Balkan language version] 

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