Sunday, August 29, 2010

Macedonians with a opening victory against the Russians

Macedonian national water polo team defeated the Russians just few minutes ago, on the European championship in Zagreb, Croatia.

Macedonians managed to score in the last minute, and win this magnificent match for our team. The final result was 10-9.

The first period ended with 3-3.

It was tied after the second period as well, on half time it was 5-5.

The third period went for the Russians. The led 2-1, and the third period finished with 7-6 for the "zbornaya".

The final period was a complete miracle for the Macedonians. The “lions" dominated both sides of the swimming pool. They destroyed the Russian stars with 4-2, and led Macedonia for their first victory on this European championship.

Hundreds of Macedonians on the stands in Zagreb celebrated this glorious victory.

Tomorrow Macedonia is playing against Greece in 18:00 CET. Macedonians from all over Europe are invited to join and support the national team.



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