Saturday, February 27, 2010

Veles Theatre

The Ministry of Culture, of Republic of Macedonia decided to invest in cultural infrastructure. Since May 2008, in Veles there is a campaign of building the new town theatre. 

The object "Jordan Hadzikonstantinov - Dzinot" is expected to have around 4000 square meters useful space, big stage with attendance of approximately 400 seats, and a smaller one with approximately 120.

The opening is expected somewhere in the end of 2010.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

RNS - Mojot narod

RNS (Rabotam Na Slucajot) is a young hip hop artist. Beside his solo appearances, he functions as a part of the group Green Out, together with LD Pistolero and Bruce. Their songs are usually with social thematic. 

I can say freely that RNS is a true representative of the street rap in Skopje and Macedonia, in general. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eye Cue - Glowing Lips

This is one of my most favorite Macedonian bands. 

Eye Cue as a band that sounds fresh, cool and positive. They have huge number of fans in Skopje and all around Macedonia, and my opinion is that is just matter of time when they will explode and concore bigger markets. 

Recording in English is a nice touch, and makes them more reachable or the world audience. I absolutely love every song from their new album. Ladies and gentlemen, Eye Cue is in the house!!! ;)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jano mori, Jano sevdalino - Kiril Mancevski

One of the most beautiful Macedonian songs ever made. 

This old footage is from MTV (Macedonian national television) archive, and it is performed by Kiril Mancevski, I hope you will enjoy it!

Also, this was one of the most favourite songs of Tose Proeski, who enjoyed performing it, on his public appearances.

Jano mori, sevdalino

Jano mori , Jano lele , sevdalino,
Moja rosna , Jano mori , detelino,
Aj , moja rosna , Jano mori , detelino.
Pominuvash , Jano mori , zaminuvash,
nit mi zboris, Jano mori, nit se smeesh
Aj, nit mi zboris, Jano mori, nit se smeesh
Me prasaet , Jano mori , majstorite,
shto im zgotvi , Jano mori , za vecera,
Aj , shto im zgotvi , Jano mori , za vecera.
Kad banicka, begu more, kad kokoshka,
Ova vecer , begu more , rudo jagne,
Aj, od dve majki, begu more , zadoeno.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Magic by Goran Pandev

Pandev continues to shine in Inter Milan's jersey.

 Today, he scored once again. He opened the result with a goal in the 6 minute, after which the game was lot more interesting. The other two goals were scored by Diego Milito and Walter Samuel.

Pandev shows a standard form in Inter's jersey and only after 5-6 matches became an important factor in the "nero azzuri" squad. The fans love him and proves once again that he was a good investment.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tose Proeski - Ako odam vo Bitola

One of the most beautiful songs dedicated to Bitola, the second largest city in Republic of Macedonia. Tose Proeski version is filled up with emotions and passion. 

He was known by performing traditional and ethno songs, but he always sang the songs about Bitola with great passion, the place where he spend his teen age years and finnished high school.

Enjoy this great performance, by the greatest Macedonian music star, Tose Proeski - Ako odam vo Bitola (eng. When (If) I go to Bitola).

Friday, February 5, 2010

Vision of Skopje 2014

Yesterday (thursday, february 4th 2010) in Skopje, in one of the most prestigious hotels 'Aleksandar Palace', the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Centre and Skopje Metropolitan Local Government presented the architectural vision for the capital in year 2014.

The video simulation presented the objects, statues, monuments and facade reconstructions which are in construction or planed to be done, in the next four year period.

There is big discussion between the public in Macedonia should this project go on. On one side there are people who totally support it, and on the other there are some who are totally against it.

Personally, I am impressed and fascinated. Skopje will have one of the most beautiful city centres.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Republic of Macedonia (promo video)

This is a 15 minutes promotional video of Republic of Macedonia. On the video, u can see colorful sides, information and beautiful music showing Macedonian culture and nature. 

I sincerely hope that all of you, one day will have chance to visit Macedonia and see all of the beauties of nature and culture, which this small country offers. Visit Macedonia! Cradle of culture, land of nature. Macedonia timeless.