Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bela - Karolina i Aki Rahimovski

"Bela" is originaly performed some 10 years ago, by the macedonian artist, Risto Samardziev. This new version of the song is a duet between one of the greatest macedonian music stars, Karolina Gočeva and Aki Rahimovski.

Karolina Gočeva (Macedonian Cyrillic: Каролина Гочева) (born April 28, 1980, in Bitola,Republic of Macedonia) is a Macedonian singer. She represented Macedonia in the 2002 and 2007 Eurovision Song Contests, ranking 19th and 14th, respectively. She became the first female Macedonian to represent Macedonia twice at Eurovision.

Aki Rahimovski
(Macedonian Cyrillic: Аки Рахимовски) (born 1953 in Nis, Serbia, raised in Skopje, Macedonia, where his family is from) is a ex-lead singer of Parni Valjak. Parni Valjak ("Steamroller") was a Croatian and former Yugoslav rock band from Zagreb. They were one of the top acts of the former Yugoslav Rock scene.

Parni Valjak was founded in 1975. Unlike many rock bands that would come later, their style was becoming more mainstream, becoming closer to pop, especially compared with the bands like Prljavo Kazalište or Film.

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