Monday, September 21, 2009

Prosti mi - Tanja Stankovic Dimovska

Tanja Dimovska (previously known in the Macedonian public as Tanja Stankovic) is a Macedonian singer, born May 3rd 1967 in Skopje, in Republic of Macedonia. She graduates on the Macedonian music academy as a choir conductor and a music teacher in 1989. She works as a music school teacher, after she starts a music career and been active for few years.

During that period she has few big hits, performs on the most important Macedonian music festivals and has few duets as well. Takes place in the Macedonian Eurovision delegation in Birmingham, United Kingdom as a back up singer for Vlado Janevski in 1998.

In the late '90-ies she leaves the country and moves to Croatia with her family (husband Igor Dimovski - guitarist, well known to the Macedonian public, and her son Julian) where she earns a Master’s degree in church music from the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia.

In 2008, moves with her family in Chicago (Illinois), where she works as a piano and voice teacher in a private music school.

Tanja Stankovic's dicsography:

* Sareni snista (1993)
* Ruke podizem (2001)
* Ne zaboravlja me Isus moj (2003)
* Marushevec live with church choir of Marushevec(2004)
* Tanja and friends sing Christmas song to you (2006).

She was as well, a junior school music teacher to the author of this blog. Tanja, you are the best! ;-)

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