Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Croatia beats Macedonia in FINA's World League match in Skopje

Skopje, Macedonia - FINA's World League debut match for Macedonia. Swimming poll "Mladost", attendance 600. The result 7-9 (1-1; 3-3; 1-3; 2-2) for Croatia.

Macedonian national water polo team had a great debut, even though Croatia won the match at the end.

Croatian team led by water polo legend Ratko Rudic came to Skopje with with a few newcomers. Macedonian coach Nonkovic put an a good strategy, pressuring the Croats all over the field.

The first two periods were tied. A few seconds before half time Macedonian led by 4-3, but Croats scored and went on break with draw.

The game was finally decided in the third quater. Croats played more agresively, and scored 3 goals more, recieved only one.
At one point in the fourth quater, Croats led by 4 goals (9-5).

Macedonia scored twice before tha match was over, and showed that they are a team to be respected and feared in this group.

Macedonia will take on Greece in the next match, in Athens.


  1. it would be even nicer if Macedonia won, and Croatia lost!

    ...well ...next time! ;)