Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Macedonian pride Pandev signs with Inter Milan

Macedonian striker Goran Pandev is officially part of the "neroazzurri". On Monday the officially signed his four and a half years contract with the Seria A champions - Inter Milan. He comes back in the team that he officially left 5 years ago, as a free agent. The Italian court released him from his contract with SS Lazio, after the dispute with his ex-President, Lotito.

Pandev had a lawsuit against his previous team SS Lazio for mobbing, where he was dropped out of the team because he wouldn't sign a new contract.

Goran Pandev was brought back to Inter by Jose Mourihno to fill up the gap in the attack, after Samuel Eto'o left the squad to play on the African Cup of Nations. Pandev will get around 3 million Euros per season, until June 2014.

The Macedonian striker is the third player from his country that appeared in the Inter Milan squad after Darko Pancev and Goran Slavkovski. He will wear the jersey with number 27.

Go Goran! Make Macedonia proud!

Update: And what a debute! Two days after signing he plays fantastic 65 minutes against Chievo! "Magia di Goran Pandev"!!!


  1. Magia di Goran PAndev! Forza Inter! Neroazzuri!!!

  2. I also want Pandev sign with Inter because he's an incredible soccer player he has a lot of skills in order to play in this competitive league.

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