Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reconstruction of the Skopje City Zoo

In the past five months Skopje City Zoo is intensively reconstructed. The new concept of the lately appointed director Dane Kuzmanovski and the Zoo Board showed results. 

Most of the cages are changed with more natural conditions for the animals, made out of natural materials mainly rocks and wood.

The intensive communication with other Zoo's around the world brought plenty of animals as a exchange. 

Skopje City Zoo is blossoming, and it is expected that until end of the summer to get the final new look.

History of Skopje City Zoo

The Skopje City Zoo was established in 1926, by committee of three men, headed by Doctor Stanko Karaman. 

During the same year, the today’s location of the Zoo was suggested, which at that time was almost 4 hectares.

At the beginning the "Skopje Zoo" had very few animals, mainly donated from other cities Zoo's.

In 1965, the Skopje City Hall created a new city plan, which gave the Zoo today's look. The ZOO used to cover an area of 94 894 square meters, until 2006. Since then, Skopje Zoo has approximately 120 000 square meters.

The main activities of the Skopje City Zoo are cultural, educational and scientific activities, mainly with kids and younger population.

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  1. amaizing! excellent! i would like to have a chance to see it live! Maybe this summer! Greetings to Macedonia!

  2. Great! I can't wait to see it in its new form!