Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dzafer & Venko - Laga i Izmama

Laga i Izmama (Lie and Betrail) is one of the best Macedonian rock ballads. It was performed by Miki Jovanovski - Dzafer (Macedonian: Мики Јовановски-Џафер) one of the best vocals on the macedonian and ex-yugoslav music scene. 

His career lasts around 30 years . In his early days he was part of few rock bands, but he reached his peak during the 90-ties with his solo career and many unforgatable hits like: Pod Pelister, Sonce za tri sveta, Lovec ect.

The guitar was played by Venko Serafimov (Macedonian: Венко Серафимов). He is one of the best Macedonian guitarists, known by his many soundtracks for movies, documentaries and theatre plaits. He was awarded many times for the musical heritage that he left so far. He is the Macedonian Carlos Santana.

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  1. tablatura za pesnava ako moze ..... :))