Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saint Elijah day celebrated by the ethnic Macedonians in Greece

Few days ago Macedonians in Greece celebrated their national holiday, Saint Elijah's Day.

Yes! The same Macedonians that don't exist in Greece. The "few hundred Slavs" as Greek government would like to name them. Unfortunately for them,they are not few hundred, they are thousands and thousands, and every day they speak more openly about their past, their roots, their position in the Greek society.

In Ovcarani, near Lerin (greek: Florina) last weekend thousands of Macedonians joined the festivity. They sang, danced, talked and celebrated life. 

The media from Republic of Macedonia were not allowed to cover from Ovcarani. The TV crew from  the national Kanal 5 television station were stopped on the Macedonian/Greek border by the Greek custom and asked for "special permission". Only the reporter was allowed to pass, without equipment. 

This shows the level of democracy, that this EU member country practices. 

Here are few short videos which were uploaded from the festivity. Enjoy! 

Za mnogu godini Makedonci, kade i da ste! Za mnogu godini moj narode, na Makedonija!

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