Friday, July 10, 2009

Baklava - Tvojte oci Leno

Baklava (Macedonian: Баклава) is a Macedonian ethno music acoustic band with a minimalistic musical concept. 

The songs are performed by female vocal and traditional folk instruments, especially string and percussion instruments tambura and bendir. Their key challenge is to create original music based on the aesthetic achievements of traditional Macedonian music. They also perform old traditional songs of ethnic Macedonians living in Aegean Macedonia. 

The band held several concerts in Republic of Macedonia, Balkans and Europe and anticipated in several festivals, including the renowned Skopje Jazz Festival, Sfinks Festival in Belgium and Balkan Music Square festival in Ohrid.
Band members

* Elena Hristova, vocals, kaval
* Nikola Nikolov, tambura
* Vladimir Martinovski, tambura
* Dejan Sibinovski, bendir

sourse: Wikipedia

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