Friday, July 24, 2009

A Name is a Name

Today's press conference in Skopje was held, to inform the media about the on going post production of the 'on the road' documentary "A Name is a Name" and the launching of the trailer on the official web page.

'A Name is a Name' is a film conceived and developed by Icelander Sigurjon Einarsson. Though he now lives in Norway working with rock and roll artists, Sigurjon is a filmmaker by profession.

A cross between a documentary and a feature film, A Name is a Name is instead, a classic ‘road film', made largely on the proverbial and literal road over a period of seven months in the Republic of Macedonia.

At its heart, the film is about a group of people who call themselves Macedonians and what it means to them to be known as such.

The story line is that of a Scandinavian man who comes to Macedonia, rents a motorcycle, and travels around the country talking to Macedonians from all classes and backgrounds. The traveler, as he is known, never speaks on camera and in fact, we never learn his name or what country he hails from (in reality, the traveler is portrayed by director Sigurjon Einarsson). Instead, his thoughts are conveyed through Sir Andrew Motion with subtitles in English for the interviews.

Interspersed throughout the conversations will be Macedonia itself – the stunning landscapes and scenery that make up this gentle country and ancient land. Places and points of interest – monasteries and mosques, historical and archeological sites, towns, little hamlets and cities, lakes and mountains – that make Macedonia what it has been and what it is today. All these will be artfully woven into the narrative.

Musical tracks donated by Macedonian and internationally known artists will be artfully woven throughout the entire production.


- Sigurjon Einarsson (director)
- Sir Andrew Motion (narration)
- Jason Miko (producer)
- Production House 3X (production)
- Leading cover song 'A Name is a Name' performed by Morten Harket (frontman of the norvegian band A-HA) from his 2008 album 'Letter from Egypt'
- Rest of the soundtrack: Graham Nash - The Hollies (UK), Sigur Rós (Iceland), múm (Iceland), Monte Negro (USA), Kiril Dzajkovski (Macedonia) and Tose Proeski (Macedonia).

(parts from the text were take over from 'A Name is aName' web page)

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  1. great team, great soundtrack!!!

    looking forward to see this movie!